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12 - 18 months to go

Start collecting ideas of what styles/colours/fabrics you like. Think about the theme you are going to have and the venue of your wedding when planning your dress.

12 - 6 months to go

Book appointments to start looking for a Wedding Dress.

Once you have found your gown in the bridal shop of your choice, you should order immediately to avoid disappointment as dresses are frequently discontinued.

Order your Tiara, Jewellery, shoes and veil.

Arrange appointments for you and your attendants to look for bridesmaid dresses.

Bear in mind the style and fabric of your Wedding dress, the time of year your wedding is taking place and the theme you are working with. You don't want to set your heart on something only to find it looks odd when you put it all together.

Order bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

2 months to go

If alterations are needed to your Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid dresses your first fittings will take place approx 2 months before your wedding.

4 - 2 weeks to go

A final fitting will be carried out.

All alterations should be complete and you can collect your dress at your convenience.

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How long will does it take for my dress to be made and delivered?

The delivery time varies depending on the manufacturer. Typically, it can take between 3-5 months. Your gown to be delivered to us approx 3 months before your wedding. We check the dress and notify you by phone that it has arrived. At this point a first fitting appointment can be booked.

How do I place an order and pay for my dress?

We require a minimum 50% deposit at the time of ordering, however you can pay in full if you wish. We also offer a payment plan facility to enable you to spread the cost over the weeks before the dress is ready for alteration - at no extra charge. It is designed to help you afford everything you really want for your special day.

We can also accept orders in writing or you can pay over the phone. Once the deposit has been paid we will require the balance of your account to be settled 20 weeks after the date of order or at your first fitting - whichever is soonest.

When should I choose my accessories?

It is advisable to purchase your accessories at the time you order your gown, this enables you to see the finished look. It is very hard to buy a tiara or veil without your dress on.

We keep a huge stock of veils and tiaras at all times so it may not be necessary for us to order it in for you. If ordered, most accessories and veils can be delivered within a week or so.

How long do my Bridesmaids dresses take to come in?

Bridesmaid dress delivery time is approximately 3-4months. However, they should be chosen just after the purchase of your wedding gown. This will enable you to co-ordinate the colour scheme with everything else for your wedding.

What if some of my bridesmaids live away?

Generally we can order additional bridesmaid dresses from their basic measurements if necessary. This is not an ideal scenario as we would always recommend getting them to try the dress first, but we realise sometimes it is just not practical.

If you have bridesmaids who are unable to come in easily for fittings it is probably worth looking into getting the dresses altered nearer to where they live.

The more bridesmaids you have, and the further they are scattered the earlier we suggest you should order the dresses. That way they can be fitted as and when possible, this will save a lot of stress in the final run up to the wedding.

Will the size I need to order for my wedding dress be different from my normal dress size?

You could find you will need 1 to 2 sizes larger than high street clothing. This is nothing to be alarmed about, wedding dresses are a lot more structured and fitted than your ordinary clothing. Your consultant will take your measurements and recommend an appropriate size for you. However, ultimately the decision is yours.

What if I haven't allowed enough time?

Don't panic! Depending on how long we have there are different options available. We carry a lot of dresses in stock that can be bought immediately off peg. Some of our designers have certain styles which we can get hold of in a hurry. Bear in mind the later you leave it the more limited your choice will be.

Do I hire or purchase an underskirt?

Underskirts can be purchased from us, prices range from £30 - £75. This is something you can make a decision on at the time of your first fitting.

How many fittings will I need and what's involved?

You will be required to come back for a first fitting approx 2 months before the wedding. We will contact you when it is necessary to start your fitting process. Most dresses require a degree of alteration to obtain the perfect fit. We will require your bill to be settled, as we do not carry out any alterations on dresses that have not been paid for in full. Vu's offer a professional alteration service by qualified and experienced in-house dressmakers.

To help the fitting process, choose your shoes and lingerie as early as possible, and bring these with you to every fitting. Once you have had your first fitting we can give you an estimate to carry out the work. This is based on the time taken by our expert alterations service to do the job.

If there is a lot of work to be carried out - for example if you have lost or gained a lot of weight, or you would like some aspect of the gown to be modified, you may well require several fittings to check each stage as we go to ensure the correct fit.

Please note Saturday fitting appointments are very limited and can only be booked by prior arrangement. Saturdays are very busy in the shop so where possible we try and arrange your fittings for weekdays, this means we are able give you the attention you deserve! As a customer of Vu's you are not obliged to use this service.

If you wish, you may make other arrangements for the alteration of your wedding dress. The information above also applies to bridesmaid dresses.